Need Some Bits?

Ever tried to head off on a fishing trip and……you’re boat won’t start, or you’ve got six on board and only three life jackets?!
If you’ve ever experienced a frustrating situation like this, let us help put the joy back in boating- we’ll keep you well prepared for your next trip, all year round.
Here are just some of the accessories we keep in stock and if it’s something we don’t have- we can get it for you;
 Marine batteries
 2 and 4 stroke oils and lubricants
 Spark plugs
 Fuel and oil filters
 Fuel fittings, hoses and tanks
 Anchors and anchor kits
 Various docking ropes
 Shackles and trailer tie-downs
 Life jackets
 Fire extinguishers
 Bilge pumps
 Bungs
The list goes on…….
Also, why not ask about our safety inspection, where we can recommend what equipment you need, need to update, or even replace. It only takes 15 minutes and it could save your life!

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