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Delkor Marine M27L

Batteries built for freedom. Combining world-renowned technology and quality, the Delkor Marine range of maintenance free batteries offers the boating enthusiast a truly hassle-free battery for peace of mind. Being a dual-purpose battery, you get the best of both worlds – strong, reliable starting power combined with ability to power all your accessory loads. Long life and remarkable performance in extreme conditions. These are the hallmarks of a Delkor Marine battery.

Key Benefits

  • Maintenance-free, topping up is unnecessary
  • Wrought Grid Plates for higher performance
  • High-strength polypropylene case
  • Heat-Sealed covers with built-in spark arrestor
  • Ideal for dual power applications.

Why Delkor Marine Batteries?

Fit Delkor Marine batteries with confidence and you will never have a problem with long rides, all kinds of weather, even when crossing choppy water.

Delkor Marine M27L Specs

Model:                                    M27L

CCA:                                       680A

AH(20HR):                              97AH

RC:                                         162 Min

Polarity:                                   L (-,+)

Length:                                    305mm

Width:                                      172mm

Height:                                     225mm


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